About Us

Some Would Say We’re Pretty Sharp

Aveline designer Todd Greene is also the founder and CEO of HeadBlade, the leading provider of superior head shaving products since 1999. Over the past 20 years, HeadBlade has received international awards and recognition for its revolutionary designs. Todd’s original HeadBlade design is even featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection!

What’s in a Name?

As a proud independently-owned and operated business, we place a lot of value in relationships. We’ve been working with our manufacturing partner, Paul, to produce our razors at his family owned factories since 2010. And when we went to name our latest creation, we were inspired by his daughter, Aveline. She’s only five years old, and not yet of ‘shaving age’ but she definitely loves the color and design of her namesake product!

A Product Years in the Making

Countless HeadBlade users have gotten in touch over the years to share how the women in their lives borrow their razor to shave, and to ask Todd if he was planning to make one especially for them. He was, but only when the time was right. After years of plotting and planning (and perfecting the blade release mechanism), we’re excited to unveil the new design.