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First Shave

Your moment to shine has arrived.
Aveline is a creative razor masterfully handcrafted for nothing less than awesomeness.

How It Works

01. Aveline introduces a unique suspension and rubberized, flexible and non-slip finger-ring, that enables you to shave by feel!

02. Shaving using two contact points creates a ‘suspension’ that allows the blades to automatically pivot, so you can quickly and confidently get a super-efficient shave with ease. No more going over the same areas, one swipe is all you need.

03. Aveline’s simple one-push blade release saves you the frustration associated with conventional razors. Just insert the stem of the new cartridge into the Aveline and you’re ready to shave!





01. Get a Grip

Aveline’s ergonomic design offers multiple ways to hold it so you can go with what works best for you.

02. Premium Blades

Our blades are second to none. Each cartridge contains six top-quality blades for maximum smoothness, and a moisture strip with vitamin E, aloe, and lavender oil that smooths legs as you go.

Unparalleled Blade Flexibility

01. The Aveline blade cartridge pivots up and down with ease, allowing you to navigate areas like the knees and ankles.

02. The soft flexible blade cartridge gives great control and conforms to the surface of the skin.

03. Aveline also rotates side-to-side! As you glide the razor, using the roller balls, you get unparalleled maneuverability and the smoothest shave ever!

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