Aveline's innovative design puts control at your fingertips. The patented responsive cartridge head, rollerballs, and flex handle allow the razor to glide across your skin for the best shave ever. Here are a couple of grips to get you started.


Point Grip

The most versatile grip. Gives total control over the pressure and shave angle.

Grip Instructions

Place your pointer finger on the heart and pinch the side grips with your thumb and middle finger. Start shaving and apply pressure with your finger as needed.

Best for

Most leg angles, underarms and tight bikini areas.


Pinch Grip

The back of the legs are always a pain in the ass. We solved it.

Grip Instructions

Pinch the side grips with your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Adjust your grip to give the most control and comfort.

Best for

The bikini, underarms and areas where you may pull the razor away from you.


Reversed Grip

The back of the legs are always kind of a pain. We solved it.

Grip Instructions

Face the cartridge toward you. Insert your pointer finger in the loop, place your middle finger on the heart and your thumb on the back.

Best for

Back of the legs.


The Ring

Face the cartridge away from you and insert your middle finger through the two loops like it's a, well...ring.

Best for

Outside of your legs


Get Creative

We find everyone has a grip that is most effective and comfortable for them. If you have a grip that you recommend, we’d love to hear about it. Share it with us on social media and tag us @AvelineRazor


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