At Aveline we're committed to creating ergonomic razors that make leg and body shaving easier. We've been designing razor handles for over twenty years and, because we sell direct to consumers, we're able to sell to you at a great price. Many companies talk about doing away with the Pink Tax and we fully support that initiative.

A few of the other companies out there, like MyBillie, CVS, Target, and Amazon's Solimo brand, all use the same cartridge, they just sell them at different prices under different names. They all sell the same Personna Halo cartridge. If you notice, MyBillie charges more per cartridge than the others. At Aveline we designed and created our own razor handle and cartridge system. We didn't just re-badge another company's product. We believe in great design at a great price and we want you to feel good about your purchase and great about your shaving!